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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Playbook

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Playbook

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this 76 page step by step Ebook will teach you how to create, launch and run your business in just 4 short week.

What you will learn….

Branding ✅

How to create digital products in Canva ✅

How to attach editable products to your Stan store ✅

Reselling with resell rights ✅

Setting up your Stan store ✅

Setting Up your business instagram ✅

Legal stuff such as LLC and more ✅

Selling will emails including 3+ email template ✅

Marketing on instagram ✅

Why it’s important to offer a freebie ✅

Building a connection with your following ✅

Please note: I’ve had customers go through the entire Ebook and apply everything they’ve learnt, creating their businesses in just 1 day to 1 week. Completing the tasks in this Ebook all depends on your availability and dedication towards your business.

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