• Step 1: Find a Digital Product to Sell

    When starting your own Digital Marketing business, It is important to do your research on which products will make you a tone of money and which products are heavily saturated.
    Don’t worry! I have done all the research for you, I have created a list of The Top 25 Digital Products that are making people Millions of dollars in 2024.
    When choosing which product you want to create and sell, it is always best to take your own personal knowledge and interest at heart. Why? Because when you sell something your passionate about, creating things like Captions, Paragraphs, Blogs, Calls to Action etc become much more easier and enjoyable for you to create.
    And when things are easy and enjoyable it is also easier to stay disciplined and consistent in posting regularly.

  • Step 2: Create using Canva!

    Once you have an idea on what it is you want to create the next step is to CREATE USING CANVA!
    Canva is the best app to use when you’re wanting to create your logo, brand packaging, digital products, planners, templates, invitations, website designs EVERYTHING! And if you are a first timer it can be very overwhelming to navigate, which is why I have created My Guide to Canva Ebook which teaches you everything you need to know about this application.

    I have made sure to provide simple instructions along with images to help you better understand each and every toolbar, once you have completed this Ebook you will be all set to create your first Ebook. I hope my Ebook is helpful and most importantly I hope you have fun bringing your vision to life.

  • Step 3: From the idea to the product

    Once you have chosen your digital product idea and learnt the basics on how to navigate Canva, it is time to get to work!
    My Guide on How to Create & Sell Digital products will teach you everything you need to know about product design and branding, technical implementation, formatting, testing and optimising + marketing & launch. Better yet, my Ebook teaches you in a step by step format with templates for you to fill in during your product and business development stage helping you to lock in the entire vision from start to finish.

  • Step 4: Convert your followers into Sales!

    After you have created your digital product it is time to start pushing your product out there.
    This E-book has proven to scale businesses, improve sales, improve reach and gain more traction and attention towards your social media account and business when learnt and applied.

    How will this Ebook help you?
    This Ebook contains 101 calls to action & 101 social media hooks + tips and tricks to creating VIRAL videos.

    You can mix and match these CTAs with the hooks to create compelling and engaging TikTok/social media videos. Remember to always make the CTAs clear and actionable to encourage your viewers
    to take the desired action.

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  • What is a Social Media Hook?

    A hook is a short phrase at the beginning of a reel or other short form video (e.g. Tiktok, Youtube Shorts) designed to make the viewer stop scrolling and stick around to watch your video.

    A good hook should be visually engaging, emotionally appealing, or thought-provoking, often within the first few seconds of the video.

  • What is a Call to Action?

    A "call to action" is a short phrase that invites or commands the viewer
    to take a specific action - for example, liking or engaging with the video, making a comment, signing up to an email list, etc.

    Call to Actions can be very effective in getting viewers to move from passive watching into actively engaging with your content and even becoming paying customers or engaged email list recipients.

  • What is Master Resell Rights?

    Master resell rights, often abbreviated as MRR, refer to the rights you acquire when you purchase a digital product or course, allowing you to resell it to others. Think of it as a digital version of wholesale buying in the physical product world. This concept primarily applies to digital products and online courses.

  • What is Private Label Rights?

    Private label rights (also known as PLR) is a licensing agreement that grants someone the right to sell an asset like a document, video, software, eBook, audio, or other files. As the seller of these rights, you're granting someone else permission to copy your work, edit and rebrand it, and resell it with their name on it.

The face of the brand

Kia Ora, my name is Tehokingamai and I am a single mother of 2, living in the heart of West Auckland.
My dream to be able to generate money while being a stay at home single mother was the fuel for this business. A while ago I thought to myself, the normal 9-5 job was so unrealistic in a world where schooling runs from 9am-3pm and I wanted to earn a full time pay check but with very little support and with my children starting at school soon where for the next 13 years I’ll have to work part time between the hours of 9am-3pm, I was forced to search for a part time job.
I searched and searched for work within my area of expertise and my options were so small and didn’t bring any happiness to my life. Then realised there was no way I was ever going to get ahead in the world we live in today on a part time job speeding to pick my kids up everyday. So I created The Hustlers Vault NZ. I thought to myself trading my time for money wasn’t enough for me to be happy. Trading my knowledge for money seemed like a great idea because after every trade I’ll still have my knowledge because it is mine.
The Hustlers Vault will have lots of new products added on a weekly basis so make sure to subscribe with your emails for updates on the newest releases, sales and deals. Good luck on your journey to wealth through digital marketing and I wish you all the best!

Mauri Ora xoxo